G3 Gift Acceptance Guidelines Package - $1,750.00

G3 Gift Acceptance Guidelines Package:

  • Gift Acceptance Guidelines
  • Exhibit A to the Gift Acceptance Guidelines
    - Internal Process for Gift Acceptance
  • Checklist #1 - Publicly Traded Securities
  • Checklist #2 - Life Insurance
  • Checklist #3 - Real Estate - Part 1 (General)
    and Part 2 (Environmental)
  • Checklist #4 - Business Interests
  • Checklist #5 - Tangible Personal Property
  • G3 Gift Acceptance Guidelines Package also includes:

    (i) an educational video relating to the Guidelines, Exhibit A, & the Checklists,
    (ii) a video which discusses (A) the role of nonprofit fiduciaries, (B) the legal duties of a nonprofit fiduciary, (C) methods to limit the liability of the nonprofit's fiduciaries, and (D) the importance of a Mission Statement,
    (iii) a video which describes (A) the general changes made in the new DC Nonprofit Corporations Act (applicable January 1, 2012), (B) the impact of these changes on the applicable governance policies, (C) an extensive discussion of the standard of conduct and liability for directors and officers, and (D) the statutory methods to reduce or eliminate that liability under the new DC Act,
    (v) a series of powerpoint slides for 3 consecutive Board meetings to foster understanding and approval by the Board for the entire package, and
    (vi) Board resolutions approving the Guidelines, and (v) one hour of consultation time.

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