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G3 Policy Packages

FOR NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS LOCATED IN THE MARYLAND, the G3 Policy Packages include legal advice from the Law Office of Jonathan Ackerman, LLC and are described on the following website: You can only access the proper price and purchase page through the G3 Policy Packages tab on the website mentioned above.

Please also review this website for important disclaimers and limitations relating to the use of the G3 Policy Packages.

How it works:

  • To purchase, either (i) click on a document name under Document below, or (ii) click "Buy It Now" below.
  • Once you have registered and paid, you will complete an online Nonprofit Governance Questionnaire for each applicable G3 Policy Package and upload certain documents to your secure "MyG3Matters" web space, as requested on the Nonprofit Governance Questionnaire.
  • The Law Office of Jonathan Ackerman, LLC will then make the educational videos available to you to assist in your understanding of each purchased G3 Policy Package.
  • When your completed documents are ready, the Law Office of Jonathan Ackerman, LLC will upload them, the powerpoint slides and the Board resolutions to your MyG3Matters web space and notify you via e-mail.
  • Simply log into your MyG3Matters web space to review and download your completed documents, slides and resolutions.
  • FOR NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS LOCATED IN MARYLAND, the Law Office of Jonathan Ackerman, LLC will spend one (1) hour of consultation time (as part of the fixed fee and in accordance with the terms on the website referenced above), to assist with any questions that you may have or to revise each applicable G3 Policy Package.

G3 Policy Packages for Maryland Nonprofit Organizations

Document Price
G3 Basic Policies Package$650.00
G3 Conflict of Interest Policy (& Annual Disclosure Statement)$850.00
G3 Endowment Policies Package$1,750.00
G3 Gift Acceptance Guidelines Package$1,750.00

G3 Basic Policies Package & Conflict of Interest Policy (& Annual Disclosure Statement)$1,050.00


* Buy 1 and 2 for the reduced price of $1,050, or

** After 1 or 2 (or 1 and 2) is purchased, we will provide the purchasing nonprofit with a 10% off
discount code for each additional G3 Policy Package

To determine if this service is right for you prior to purchase, please review the website referenced above, and if necessary, use the Support link on this website to provide a brief summary of your situation. A member of the firm will respond.

FOR MARYLAND NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, the legal advice provided in conjunction with the purchased G3 Policy Package(s) is limited to questions and/or issues that need to be addressed in order to properly prepare the G3 Policy Package(s). If legal advice is needed beyond the scope of this offering or your situation materially changes, an additional fee may be required; provided however, no additional work will be done unless pre-approved by you and confirmed in writing by us.


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