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How this service works:

  1. Click here to arrange a legal advice phone call.
  2. We will schedule a time that is convenient for you for this call to take place, advise on cost and arrange payment.
  3. At that time, you can talk to your solicitor and ask any questions you have about a single legal issue.
Legal Advice E-mail

How this service works:

  1. Click here to arrange a legal advice email.
  2. Type all the questions and concerns you have about one legal issue into a secure, encrypted form.
  3. We will contact you to advise on cost and arrange payment.
  4. Your solicitor will answer all of your questions. Your response will be archived in your secure "My Services" section.

Stephensons Solicitors LLP legal services

Our Legal Document Review Service enables you to have your self assembled document checked by one of our lawyers. This will ensure that it is completed correctly within the limits of the information you have provided when completing the form. Using the free law guide relating to the form you can check that the document that you are using is suitable for your particular circumstances.

Solicitor prepared document service

How our online service works:

  1. Select a document from the list below - you can read more information and preview the document before purchase.
  2. Purchase the document through our secure online checkout.
  3. Complete the document online, then submit it to us for review
  4. After review, and or/edit, we'll upload your finalised document to your secure 'My Services' section of the website for you to download and use.

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